Our values. Our guarantee.

By choosing to join the ACHQ, housing consultants recognize the importance of offering a professional service that meets the highest customer expectations.

This is why all ACHQ members respect a code of ethics and share common values that are as much a commitment to serve you well as a sign of our professionalism towards you.

RESPECT > Courtesy, empathy, without discrimination of any kind.
INTEGRITY > Honesty, transparency, judgement, thoroughness and alertness.
INFORMATION > Clear, complete and well understood.
CONFIDENTIALITY > Personal information collected.
SPIRIT OF SERVICE > Customized, availability, quality and – Personalized, available, superior quality and secure.

Ethics and Governance

In addition to these values, the ACHQ has adopted a code of ethics to govern the practice of the profession, as well as relations between members and its leaders. This code of ethics also ensures that the organization is managed according to the principles of sound governance. All of these elements contribute to ensuring that housing advisors, members of the ACHQ, are the best qualified to help you find a new place of residence, whether it is for you or your elderly relative.

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