We have been working with a lodging consultant to find a residence for my very stubborn 83-year-old aunt. The service we received was outstanding. She was very patient and caring and really took the time to understand my Aunt’s needs. Every recommendation she made was dead on and my aunt has finally chosen a place. I cannot imagine that this is an easy Job. (…) Thank you for your kindness, your unlimited patience and your expertise! »

Angela Miller


I wanted to commend my lodging consultant for her excellent service and support during a very stressful time. Not only did I had to find a new facility to move my mother to but I had a time constraint which I had meet since she was in the hospital. She was very professional, wasted no time in translating my requirements into being able to present me with a facility that met not only my needs but also imbued me with confidence in the staff, their professionalism and that my mother’s well-being is in great hands. »

John King


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the fast and expert assistance I received from my lodging consultant. (…) She assessed our needs and within days found a much better placement and followed up on our progress even though she was away on a trip. I am extremely grateful for that. My mom is now receiving much better care by more competent staff in more pleasant surroundings, a great relief to me. Again, thank you very Much! »

Alice Davis


I recently placed my dad in a senior’s home and had the help of one of your agents. (…) She came highly recommended by a good friend of mine, who had the same wonderful experience that I had. She went above and beyond to find the perfect place for my dad. (…) She had a lot of experience and truly made this move seamless for us! I will recommend her to anyone who is thinking of placing their loved one’s in a senior home. My dad is so happy in his new home! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! »

Darren Ross


We went with my lodging consultant on Saturday to tour three assisted living homes. She did a tremendous job informing everyone. She is a wonderful lady working for clients. We appreciated her. Thank you. »

April Jones


Thank you for your assistance in my request of this week. (…) I want to relay my great appreciation for her intervention and great work she did to ensure the client is in a retirement residence for a 2-week respite period (…) Her professionalism and advocacy are appreciated. »

Eleanor Anderson

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